DanceStar World Finals 2017

Putting this trip in words is almost impossible. See this is what is amazing about the Lord, if you make yourself available to him, he will come and change you forever.

Preparing for the DanceStar world finals was one of the most difficult things that the studio has ever done. We had to train harder than we’ve ever trained, we had to raise the money for 7 people to get there and with all of this we had to stay in unity whilst our unity was being attacked. But the Lord is faithful and he keeps his promises.

The mission we had was so big the devil tried everything to stop us from completing it. We faced many trials and tribulations on the trip itself. From missing one of our planes to dealing with unworthiness. This trip shaped all of us into new people. Sometimes we think we are sent to do one thing but then the Lord changes everything up.

Although we went for dancing and to go spread the gospel through dance the Lord came and he changed each one of us. We had people experiencing the presence of the Lord like they have never before, and for others, the Lord brought emotional healing. As I said before we made ourselves available for the Lord and out of His amazing grace and goodness He came and changed us.

Every choreography piece that danced carried a message. The solo dancers danced with such power and the crew came together in such unity. Whilst the crew was dancing there was no movement in the auditorium everyone’s eyes were locked towards them.

We salute all 7 of these warriors in God’s Kingdom.

Our results:

Live’s changed forever.

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