Dans In Jou Taal 2017 (DIJT)

For a first in South Africa, The KykNet production: Dans In Jou Taal (DIJT) created a platform on television for crews to compete in. In this competition, all styles, street, and studio compete against each other. The competition is therefore all about entertainment value and technique. This is a fairly judged competition because the judges are qualified in various styles, The viewers themselves also have a great input with who the winner might be because they can vote for their favorite item.

Infatuated was blessed to be able to compete in the first season of Dans In Jou Taal.  They went home as their episode champions in the qualifiers. Coming back with an even stronger routine in the finals. They ended up 2nd in the whole competition and winning the Hip Hop section.

The anointing of the Lord is always so strong on these group of dancers. Well done to all of them.

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