Dance For Growth (DFG)

Dance For Growth (DFG), hosted by Andre Calitz, is always such an Amazing platform for the Academy to compete in. The competition is there to help dancers grow, as the name states. The 2016 DFG was no exception. The growth of all the students was astonishing to watch. It is great to witness what the Lord is doing with each dancer.

But as we all know in the life of faith the greatness does not come without trials and persecutions.  Just a week before the competition we had a lot of setbacks but we did not let them keep us down. We stood back up and kept strong with the power of Jesus.

We truly want to say well done to every dancer for their growth and pushing through all the adversities.

Herewith our results:


Sage Beukes – 1st place

Denzel Jantjies – 2nd place

Marice Barnard – 2nd place

Lizaan van Wyk – 3rd place

JP Saayman – 3rd place


Debut – 1st place (Junior Crews)

Infatuated – 1st place (Senior Crews)

Novice Popping Battles:

Ben Gouws – 1st place

Sage Beukes – 2nd place

Lizaan van Wyk – 3rd place

Advanced Popping Battles:

Aiden Greeff – 1st place

Advanced All Style Battles:

JP Saayman – 1st place

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